Our Projects

Primergy Solar is a specialist developer, owner and operator. We originate, acquire, construct, operate and manage both distributed and utility scale solar projects with integrated battery storage solutions.

Primergy Illinois Portfolio

This distributed solar portfolio consists of 31 sites, totaling 14MWdc of distributed solar power assets located at local schools, waste water treatment plants, and municipal agencies in southern Illinois.  The Illinois portfolio is a collaboration between Primergy and local developers and contractors to bring zero emissions renewable power to our local municipal partners. 

The complexity of constructing multiple portfolios in parallel was managed proactively by the Primergy team resulting in the deployment of solar energy into 11 separate communities in central and southern Illinois.  By outfitting educational facilities with solar energy, Primergy provides lower cost energy to local schools and educates students in real time about the benefits of renewable energy.

Gemini Solar and Battery Storage

Gemini is believed to be the world’s largest solar PV and battery storage project announced to date. Gemini is a > US$1 billion,  690-megawatt solar array and a battery system capable of storing more than 1,400 megawatt hours of solar power. Gemini will be constructed on federal land 25 miles (40 kilometers) north of Las Vegas by the end of 2023. Gemini has been developed in conjunction with the team from Arevia Power who have partnered with Quinbrook since 2017.

Gemini is designed to bring low-cost renewable power to Nevada and will feature over 2.5 million solar modules installed on 7,100 acres of land dedicated to solar power and advanced battery storage. Gemini promises low-cost renewable power for Nevada. Gemini will dedicate all of its output under a long term (25 year) contract with NV Energy.